Thursday-Day Four

Day Four - Thursday

Title/Theme: Explore the dimension in fractals.

Lecture Topics: Explore the dimension in fractals.


  • Continue with the mathematics behind the fractals.
  • The paradox of the Koch curve. Is it finite or infinite?
  • How long is the Canadian coastline?

Learning Goal: 

  • Students will learn that the dimension of a shape is not always a whole number.
  • Using fractals, they will learn to measure the roughness of a shape for which its length cannot be measured or is infinite.

Activity Details:

  • Lesson followed by hands-on activity on computing the Canadian coastline from a real map and/or using a computer.

Facilities Required: Computer Lab

Materials: Notepads and pens, rulers, strings; Large laminated color prints of maps and photos. Materials for building fractal contest to be purchased.