Last October, the Faculty of Science at York University together with the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, announced the start of a new Math Circle at York University

We are pleased to announce that this very exciting program for high school students, the York-Fields Math Circle, will continue this academic school year beginning Saturday, October 15th 2016. The York-Fields Math Circle will meet every Saturday from 10:00 a.m– 12:00 pm on the York University, Keele campus, Ross building, Room N525. Directions to our meetings can be found under the "Directions" sub-menu.

Each session will include a lecture on a math topic followed by some games and problems related to the lecture. Our goal is to provide students with opportunities to work beyond the curriculum expectations and discover the beauty and captivation of mathematics, through exploration of advanced mathematics topics.

We welcome students from all across the GTA from grades 11-12. If you are interested in participating please contact Dr. Nika at nikav@mathstat.yorku.ca.

High school mathematics teachers are also encouraged to recommend students who demonstrate outstanding problem solving abilities to Dr. Nika.

Department of Mathematics & Statistics, York University

Fall 2016 Schedule

Nr Date Time Activity
1 October  15, 2016 10 am-12pm Introduction to Proofs: proof by contradiction, proof by induction, pigeonhole principle.
2 October  22, 2016 10 am-12pm Real Analysis: sequences and series, linear recursive sequences, search for a pattern, limit of sequences, proofs and problems.
3 October  29, 2016 10 am-12pm Trigonometry: radians, unit circle, trigonometric identities, trigonometric equations, proofs and problems.
4 November 5, 2016 10 am-12pm Combinatorics: permutations and combinations, proofs and problems.
5 November 12, 2016 10 am-12pm Cryptography:  binary numbers, Boolean algebra, proofs and problems.
6 November 19, 2016 10 am-12pm Graph Theory: introductions, definitions, notations, trees, proof and problems.
7 November 26, 2016 10 am-12pm Real Analysis-Functions I: polynomial functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions. problem with functions.
8 December 3, 2016 10 am-12pm Real Analysis-Functions II: limits of functions, continuous functions, derivatives, The mean value theorem.
9 December 10, 2016 10 am-12pm 2D-Geometry-