York-Fields Math Circle

Welcome to York University's Math Circle Website!

The York-Fields Math Circle is an outreach and enrichment program that brings together mathematicians and high school students from across the GTA with a keen interest in mathematics.

The aim of the York-Fields Math Circle is to provide opportunities for highly motivated and interested students to work beyond the curriculum expectations and discover the beauty and captivation of mathematics.

Students will engage in an exploration of advanced mathematics topics such as number theory, real analysis, cryptography, graph theory, geometry, trigonometry, sequences and series, vectors and linear algebra, probability, advanced counting techniques, and problem-solving strategies, questions from previous ARML (American Regions Mathematics League), etc.

The meetings will take place via Zoom or in person. During these meetings, students will benefit from experiencing rich mathematics topics, various problem-solving techniques, and creative mathematical ideas. This will provide students with a provocative context of learning, enhance and stimulate student curiosity, and increase their understanding and performance in mathematics. 

Moreover, these sessions will assist students in developing problem-solving skills in a group setting, and provide opportunities for them to gain insights into techniques that engage talented students to collaborate, learn, and apply different mathematical algorithms and models in order to solve challenging problems and prove math theory and content.

The Math Circle season will culminate with a bus trip to the 2024 American Regions Mathematics League competition in Pennsylvania.

Students who are interested in participating in this program can register by filling out the Google form by clicking here. email either Dr. Varvara Nika at vnika@yorku.ca, Robert Jordan at jordanrma@gmail.com, or Elena Georgescu at georgee@yorku.ca.

Please also read our poster: 2023-2024-York-Math Circle Poster