Guest Speakers

April 9, 2022

Ada Sze Sze Chan, an associate professor in pure math at York University, presented "Latin Squares: Fun and Applications".  Students learned how algebra is applied to study problems in graph theory and combinatorics. 

March 26, 2022

Andrew McEachern, an assistant teaching professor in the mathematics and statistics department at York University, presented "Game Theory". His goal was to demonstrate that popular mathematics is all around us, in the form of puzzles and games, and that mathematics should mostly be fun, and at least a little useful.

February 26, 2022

Dr. Phillip Morenz presented "Convexity/non-commutative convexity". In two hours he showed how research mathematics is actually done, starting with a straightforward, intuitive concept (convexity), and showing how this concept gets generalized mathematically into something much more complex, and much less intuitive (non-commutative convexity).

January 15, 2022

Professor Iain Moyles, an applied mathematician and assistant professor in the department of mathematics and statistics at York University, presented “So what is this basic reproduction number anyway?”

December 5, 2021

Ph.D Candidate Andrew Fleck, who studies problems arising in insurance, finance and economics, presented "How do you estimate the chance of a certain outcome occurring? How much money should I set aside?"

November 6, 2021

Professor Ilias Farah, a distinguished mathematician, Professor and Chair in Foundations of Operator Algebras at York University in Toronto, presented "The gold in Fort Knox?"