Tuesday-Day Two

Day Two - Tuesday

Title/Theme: Hands-on Activity on Fractals Create Simple Fractals

Lecture Topics:  The mathematics behind fractals


  • Continue with the mathematical foundation of some simple fractals.
  • Transform algebra to geometry, formulas to pictures using iterative and recursive methods.
  • Design simple fractals with the use of GSP, VB, or Java.

Learning Goal:  Students will learn more mathematical details that fractals represent and write programs of simple fractals.

Activity Details:

  • Student’s activity sheet requesting students to create algebraic formulas from procedures for drawing different fractals.
  • Student’s activity sheet requesting them to design fractals with given algebraic formulas.
  • Students will learn the connection between fractals and sequences/series.

Facilities Required: Computer Lab

Materials: A software GSP may be needed to be installed on the computer. Notepads and pens; materials for the craft such as pipe-cleaners etc.