Helix Summer Science Institute

Title: Discover Mathematics behind Fractals

Helix Summer Science Institutes, York University, Summer 2015.

Course Description: Fractals are everywhere. You can find them in our lungs, kidneys, and blood vessels, flowers, plant, trees, terrain, the rhythm of the heart, clouds, mountains, in the wilderness of nature.  Today, fractals are used in medical research, in the movies, wireless communications, biology, computer graphics and games. In this course, students will learn about the fascinating concept of fractals, discover the mathematics behind them, and write iterative algorithms to create breathtaking computer graphics by using fractals. Students will be presented with background and mathematical foundations used in creating different types of fractals. Lectures will be interactive and lead to very interesting hands-on exercises that involve knowledge of Math and Computer Science. Major topics include Calculus, Geometry, Algebra and Transformations, 3D graphics, and Computer Programming.