Friday-Day Five

Day Five - Friday

Title/Theme: Build your own fractal – Contest.

Lecture Topics: Applying mathematics of fractals to design new fractals.


  • Preparing for the contest.
  • Working in groups to build their own fractal. Students need to explain the mathematics behind the fractal they will build.
  • Prices will be given for the biggest, the prettiest, the most creative and the finest fractal.

Learning Goal: Students will be able to present what they have learned by building their own fractals.

Activity Details:

Students will be building fractals using craft. Competition and prices, followed by popcorn and a movie on fractals.

Facilities Required: Computer Lab


Notepads and pens, tapes, glue, scissors, and other materials that the students need to build their fractals; Three prizes from York bookstore; Popcorn and drinks