MATH1021 Course Description

Linear algebra is the mathematics of vectors, matrices, and linear transformations. These concepts are a common theme throughout mathematics with several applications including statistics, linear programming, computer graphics, business and industry, and quantum mechanics to name but a few. In this introductory course in linear algebra, students will learn to solve systems of linear equations, the structures of vectors in real Euclidean spaces including bases and dimension, algebraic properties of matrices, linear transforms on real Euclidean spaces, determinants, and real eigenvectors. This course is taught at a higher level than MATH 1025 with an emphasis on mathematical reasoning and proofs.

Prerequisite: 12U Advanced Functions (MHF4U) or equivalent.

Course credit exclusions: SC/MATH 1025 3.00, SC/MATH 2221 3.00, GL/MATH/MODR 2650 3.00.

Note: This course is a prerequisite for SC/MATH 2022 3.00, SC/MATH 2200 3.00, SC/MATH 2270 3.00, SC/MATH 3141 3.00, SC/MATH 3171 3.00, SC/MATH 3172 3.00, SC/MATH 3241 3.00, SC/MATH 3330 3.00 and SC/MATH 4171 3.00.

Textbook: Linear Algebra with Applications by W. K. Nicholson (open-source).