MATH1506 Course Description

The course content emphasizes the following topics in an introductory but mathematically rigorous way: systems of linear equations, functions, differentiation and differentials with an emphasis on applications in the life sciences where possible.

Having a strong foundation in secondary school level algebra is necessary for success in this course, and students who feel that they do not have that foundation are strongly encouraged to enroll in Math 1510 first to build their foundational mathematics. Any student that gets a B or higher in Math 1510 should be prepared for Math 1506.

Students enrolled in Math 1506 take an assessment quiz in the first week of the course, and if a student does poorly on the quiz it is strongly recommended they drop the course and enroll in Math 1510. Math 1506 is designed for students enrolled in programs that only require 6 credits of mathematics, and should be taken in the first year of academic studies. Typically, students in Biology, Psychology, or Kinesiology enroll in Math 1506. Students who are looking for a comprehensive study of the topics listed above should not be taking Math 1506. The mathematics learned in Math 1506 will not be sufficient for students furthering a pursuit of mathematics at an intermediate or advanced level.