MATH1506 Course Info

Course Coordinator:  Varvara Nika,

Office hours: via Zoom or Discord. If you have math- or course-related questions, please attend office hours, and I will answer them then. Please email me ahead of time. Please see the eClass page for details.

Course Webpage: Found on eClass, titled Mathematics for the Life Sciences, Math 1506 3.0, D. There is also the eClass page Tutorials for Mathematics for the Life Sciences, Math 1506 3.0. These are different eClass pages.

Prerequisite: 12U Advanced Functions (MHF4U) or equivalent, or SC/MATH 1510 3.00.

Course Credit exclusions: SC/MATH 1013 3.00, SC/MATH 1300 3.00, SC/MATH 1530 3.00, SC/MATH 1550 6.00, GL/MATH/MODR 1930 3.00, AP/ECON 1530 3.00, SC/ISCI 1401 3.00, SC/ISCI 1410 6.00, SC/MATH 1505 6.00.

Note: This course is a prerequisite for SC/MATH 1507 3.00.

Prerequisites / Co-requisites / Exclusions: Please consult to ensure you have the required prerequisites for the course, and that getting a credit course does not exclude from another credit.

Real Prerequisites:  Before you take this course, you should know that it is expected that you have a decent foundation in working with functions and using algebra to solve multistep equations. These equations can involve algebraic expressions such as the quadratic formula, the square root, complex fractions, trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic components. You should be comfortable using graphs of functions to answer questions. You should know how to determine if two algebraic expressions are equivalent. You should have a foundation in working with trigonometric functions and solving trigonometric equations. You should be able to work with exponential and logarithmic equations. You should know a polynomial or rational function is. You should know what the root of a function is.

If your knowledge is lacking in some of the things mentioned above, you may find it difficult to succeed in this course.

Lecture Time and Location:    Please see the eClass page for details.

Technical Requirements: There are technical requirements for students to be able to complete this course.  You need a reliable high-speed internet connection to attend lectures via Zoom or take tests or exams using eClass.

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